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Chandni Chowk


The accacia collection
Chandni Chowk & Anokhi working together

Nightwear & Loungewear

    Please note that all our products are hand made to varying degrees, and slight variations in size and shape are to be expected. Whilst reasonable care is taken during manufacturing some colours may vary from batch to batch. The stability and permanence of dyes cannot be guaranteed. All fabrics will change colour over time in direct light. Strong coloured items should be washed separately, and may require 3 or more washes to remove excess dye stuff.
    The setting of your monitor is beyond our control and if accuracy of colour is important obtain original item. We regularly set our screens using X-Rite/Pantone Display Calibration systems.

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    Hand made ethical textiles, Women's Fashion, Men's Collection, Nightwear, Printed Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Kaftans & Gifts

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