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Extra Small   115x140 cms     £85
Single           177x275 cms     £149
Futon/Queen 200x225 cms   £159
Double          225x275 cms    £169
King               275x275 cms    £189

100% Cotton
Our beautiful range of Quilts, have a medium weight cotton quilting and a contrasting reverse side print. They can be teamed up with our co-ordinating pillow cases, cushions and curtains.
Wonderfully cosy and stylish as an extra layer on your bed or sofa.


Small sizes are washable in some domestic machines at 30 degrees using a non-bio detergent. Do not leave to soak. Larger sizes may require an industrial machine wash. Please contact us if further details are required, we will email you instructions.

Please note that all our products are hand made to varying degrees, and slight variations in size and shape are to be expected. Whilst reasonable care is taken during manufacturing some colours may vary from batch to batch. The stability and permanence of dyes cannot be guaranteed. All fabrics will change colour over time in direct light. Strong coloured items should be washed separately, and may require 3 or more washes to remove excess dye stuff.

Quilts - Floral Collection

Please select design
  • accacia; Ethical home furnishings, fashion and accessories. Hand made in India by skilled artisan wood block printers. Accacia prints are made under fair trade conditions by Anokhi for Chandni Chowk using the ancient method of Wooden Block Printing by hand on cotton. On average a printer would need to make about 300 impressions to produce one meter of cloth with five colours in the design. The end result is a beautiful and unique piece of fabric, carrying a little of the printer’s skill, creativity and culture.

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