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Sprig, Fleur & Mirror Designs 38x38cms;
Filled £39.95   NOT Filled £35

Kandinsky, Spot & Animal Designs 45x45cms
Filled £31    NOT Filled £25

Gold Rashide Quilted Design 45x45cms
Filled £35   NOT Filled £29

100% Cotton
Piping edge

Sold Filled or NOT Filled - please select from drop down menu.
Fillers are 100% Polyester

Out stunning Embroidered Natural Cushion Collection are a turly special selection of designs made by three different embroidery groups in India for Chandni Chowk. Each design has its own specific look and feel, all are made on un bleached natural cotton, shades of cream and off-white vary across the designs as do the fabric weights used. The designs demostrate techniques inluding Applique Work, Hand Embroidered mirror Work, Metallic Gold Khari Printing and Metallic Embroidery detail. The collection can be mixed and matched with our furnishings to give a stylish look to your home or garden. These beautiful cushions are also wonderful to give as an ethical, and truly unique, gift.

Machine washable at 30 degrees using a non-bio detergent. Do not leave to soak. Do not tumble dry. Hand made - every piece is unique!
Please note that all our products are hand made to varying degrees, and slight variations in size and shape are to be expected. Whilst reasonable care is taken during manufacturing some colours may vary from batch to batch. The stability and permanence of dyes cannot be guaranteed. All fabrics will change colour over time in direct light. Strong coloured items should be washed separately, and may require 3 or more washes to remove excess dye stuff.

Cushions - Naturals Collection, embroidery & print

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  • Many of Chandni Chowk’s fair trade products have embroidery work detailing, much of which is stitched by hand. These skilled embroidery techniques date back for generations. Many of our embroiderers work either in small local groups or in their own homes giving them the freedom to manage their own time and working conditions. 
    Applique is one of our most popular ranges. These embroiderers specialises in this ancient and skilled art of Appliqueing—stitching shapes of fabric onto a base fabric to form a pattern. The top layer of fabric is cut to shape using a hammer and chisel, and then pasted into position on the main base fabric using a flour and water paste. The edges of the cut fabric are then turned under and stitched into place by hand.

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