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Rose Petals Healing Salve Collection


Sacha Rainforest Face Potions


Eczema Suprema Calendula Salve

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Insect Deterrent Spray
& Sting/Bite potion

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Dragonfly Dreaming® came to life in 1996 with the birth of a wee red-headed baby girl, whose birth led us to creating lovely things to use on her sensitive skin - all plant based, with no petrochemicals, preservatives, nut or animal oils. Twenty years ago that was downright revolutionary!

By blending the unique healing traditions of herbalism & aromatherapy, we created effective plant-based natural organic body care products for body & spirit. Using only organic ingredients and the healing traditions of many eras and cultures.

Dragonfly Dreaming®, Canada’s original Pioneer Au Naturel - organic alchemy for body & spirit, since 1996 - created by hand, on Vancouver Island.

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Rose Petals Healing Salve