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Special Occasion outfits including printed cotton dresses, blouses and skirts. Tussar silk scarves, Pure Wool Shawls, Silver Jewellery and sequin bags. Ethical fairtrade fashion by
Chandni Chowk
Silver Printed Scarves
Snake Chain Necklaces
Printed Knotted Tops
Cotton Jacket
Wrap Skirts
Sequin Knotted Tops
    pleated shirt   skirt     pintuck top  
Long Printed Scarves
Pleated Cotton Shirts
Full Printed Skirts
Fitted Dresses
Pintucked Blouse
tailored dress
Crinkled Dresses
Tailored Dresses
Long Quilted Waistcoat
Printed Sash Dresses
Crinkled Dresses
Full Kurta Dresses
Flick Printed Dresses
Tailored Dresses
  Short Tailored Dresses  
Full Kurta Dresses
Full Printed Skirts
Embroidered Full Skirt
Printed Purses
Two Layered Camisole
Fitted Jackets
Quilted Fitted Jacket
Cotton Dhoti Trousers
Printed Cotton Scarves
Crinkled Skirts
Reversible Jackets